Star Wars Scout Ship

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Romulan Look ShipStalker ClassIllustrator: Wear Watts. ShanksCopyright: 1994Summary:The brand-new Romulan Search ship, Federation codename: Stalker, moved into Romulan Star Navy support fifteen years back. While no illustrations have ever been taken by Starfleet, the using information was provided by the Klingon Empire recently from one of their hidden procedures into the Romulan empire.Mail STATISTICSClassification: ScoutClass: Mystery. UFP Codename: StalkerNumber Constructed: Mystery. 300Number Destroyed / Confirmed Shed: 23Length: 44 metersWingspan: 36 metersHeight: 8.43 meters.

The scouting ships of Exodus. Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia is a FANDOM Games Community.

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  • STAR WARS: The Old Republic English Galactic Starfighter What is the best scout ship and the best loadout for taking out Gunships?

(Getting Gear Extended: 9.45 meters)Mass Displacement: 200Crew Suit: 3Passenger Complement: 2, 4 maxCrusing Speed: Warp 7.6Maximum Swiftness: Warp 9.67Endurance: 5 YearsStandard Weapons: (1) Fixed Disruptor Support in NoseOptional Weapons: Special Photon Torpedo Pod installed DorsallyShield Holdoff Price: 3.11 times 10^12 wShield Refresh Rate: 1.1 back button 10^12 wECM: Mark 8 Cloaking DeviceClick on any thumbnail picture below to enlarge. Cygnus-X1.Net: A Homage to Superstar Trek is maintained by.' Cygnus-X1.Internet' is usually in no method connected with, nor recommended by, Paramount Images and/or Viacom; Wallet Textbooks and/or Simón Schuster; their mothers and fathers or their affiliates. 'Celebrity Trek' et al ánd any/all associated names, marks and/or insignias are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. No infringement on the privileges of Paramount Photos or the writers/illustrators or writers of the textbooks/episodes/blueprints integrated within this site is meant. Remarks produced within the 'Discussion boards' section of this web site do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the internet marketer.This page has ended up viewed 22895 situations since September 17th, 2012.

Vaya-class Look ShipProduction InformationManufacturerModelVaya-cIassSubcapital ShipTechnical SpecificationsLength30 metersMaximum Speeding3 MGLT/sMGLT25 MGLTAtmospheric Rate700 kphManeuverability12 DPFHyperdrive RatingClass 8Backup Hyperdrive RatingClass 15Shielding100 SBDHull90 RUArmament. 1 Laser beam Canon. 1 Concussion Projectile LauncherCrew. 1 Pilot. 2 GunnersPassengers4Valuables Capability60 Metric TonsConsumables1 MonthUsageRolesExplorationYear IntroducedBy 4,000 BBYAffiliationVarious. The Vaya-class Search Ship is certainly an ancient starship design that had been produced by and developed for use as an exploration ship.The Vaya-class is not a fight ship, and sufférs from ion motor malfunction if forced too really difficult.

It can move up to 4 people and 60 metric loads of cargo. These boats are usually armed with a front-mounted laser canon and projectile launcher.They were used extensively by the Republic Astrogation Study Team in uncharted area. In like missions, they had only a 3% failing rate.Although rare to discover in existing occasions, the Vaya-class, expected to its reliable nature, nevertheless views some limited make use of by independent groups.Resources.