Tile Database Corrupt Fix

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Tile Database Corrupt Fix

It came back with 'tile database is corrupt' and 'not fixed'. So I then researched and attempted some manual fixes on the tile database, but no. Jun 13, 2018 - Windows 10 Startup repair might be able to fix the Start menu and the corrupted tile database. You can initiate Startup repair from the Settings app. Go to Update & SecurityRecovery, and click Restart under Advanced Startup. On the Advanced Startup screen, go to TroubleshootAdvanced OptionsStartup repair.

In a fresh account, nearby or Microsoft, the concern is not present. Nagin dance audio song free download. But I would appreciate to become capable tó fix it ón my present accounts as I perform not know of an easy way to transfer everything from one account to another.Oddly enough, if I deactivate Cortana the search key in the task bar will function. But Windows+X still does not really perform anything, and searching within Windows settings nevertheless does not really work. It actually seems as though it'h simply Cortana't Home page that will be broken, I wear't know if this is leading to all of the some other issues.I furthermore tried changing the tile databasé folder and thesheIl folder's i9000 xml within my user documents with copies from a recently created consumer, but that do not fix the concern.Is there some kind of cache that might be corrupt?Thanks a lot for your help,Clancy.