Silent Hill 1 Remake

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Mar 10, 2009  Original Silent Hill remake en route? Source: The British Board of Film Classification's recent rating of a Konami game titled 'Silent Hill.' What we heard: Last month, rumors percolated that. For Resident Evil 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'I wish Konami would remake Silent Hill 1-3 the way Capcom remade RE1-2'.

  1. Shattered Memories

Resident Bad obtained a remake therefore why shouldn't the various other best success horror game obtain a remaster? Completed with great care and regard for the first game.

Change size of sticky notes Very sluggish if you keep the 'insights' function active.Also, the left margin is too big, takes too much space.

Not really like that god awful disaster hd collection of Silent hiIl 2 and 3. No this should be completed with regard to the fans and to the primary designers.On 2nd thought, after all the horrible decisions and downfalls that Konami has completed with the franchise, I probably should't end up being asking for this. I put on't know just wish they could do something good for as soon as. Anyways what you're guys ideas? My planning now will be probably not since they simply ♥♥♥♥ this a single up too like they do to SH2 ánd SH3. I'meters torn on this. Properly, it appears that every one a single who performed and enjoyed the primary SH2 and SH3 games (myself included), dislikes the HD selections so-called rémaster.

And with great reason;-the graphics look better in the PS2 variations, essentially stating that the HD collection can be a down-scaling,-the games stutter and gIitch,-the framerate wandérs between 4:3 and 16:9 for no obvious reason-the backgroundmusic arrives and will go at it's very own will,-the haze is usually downscaled thus producing the unfinished background stick out like a tender thumb,-the fresh voice-overs are usually terrible and neither the aged or brand-new voices are usually in sync with the animation.The primary games experienced none of these problems. They ran efficiently on thé PS2, without á solitary hiccup.That's i9000 why I feel dissapointed about spending cash on the só-called HD rémaster. They completely butchered 2 of my preferred games.However, of course I'd become all for a total SH remake/rémaster in the line of thinking of Rebuilding, but it will sadly never happen. Originally posted simply by:There was Broken Recollections, but it had been to the outlines of a ré-imagining and Traditional western developers taken out all fight in the process.But I cannot discover Konami being arsed to do anything nowdays, after they terminated Kojima and reoriented to concentrate on mobile games.Major Spoiler!!!!:Shattered Memories was more or much less an alternate sequel, to the Bad closing of part 1.

But of program they couIdn't advértise it as such. That would have ruined the pIot-twist;)And thé removal of combat was because fans complained that Homecoming has been too combat-heavy. Originally posted by:Hm. I'meters ripped on this. Initially posted simply by:Hm. I'm ripped on this. Initially posted by:In fact if they did interface the initial Silent hill games to PC we obtain the HD selection versions.

If you can think it or not but Silent hiIl 2 and 3 were heading to be on vapor and 3 really got on steam for just a little while. But when they produced the HD selection Konami found out they wear't own the privileges to the video games or voice stars LMAO. So they experienced to pull them off Vapor. Yes, and today they wear't own the originals anymore. Any interface will today be the HD variations because they have got rights to those variations only and thát ♥♥♥♥ing sucks!:(hów the ♥♥♥♥ do they ♥♥♥♥ that up.Because they pull as a organization. They under no circumstances even possessed the rights to the games when launching them which can be ♥♥♥♥ing hilarious.

But when thát Asshat Tommhulett desired to make the HD selections, they discovered they didn't own the privileges. All in aIl, all we have got to blame will be Konami can be because they pull. Today 2 of my favorite games SH2 and SH3 are in HD collection variations for the rest time.

Thanks a lot Konami thanks a lot. And as I stated if there will be Port to Personal computer it will end up being HD choices trigger thats what they own personal. Holes all I possess is Tears. Wow, people desire to fault Tomm Hulett for the problem of the cherished Silent Mountain series,when in truth stuff would have got been far worse without him.Reality:Silent Hill 0rigins was originally outsorced to the united states department of Climax,who had been arranged on making 0rigins a dark comedy motivated by Scrubs! (not really kidding)Tomm Hulett argued that SH experienced a buiIt-in fanbase thát would move t if that ever happened.Therefore, the united kingdom department of Orgasm (Tomm Hulett's i9000) had been given 0rigins, which experienced happen to be a great even though in preproduction,with the same deadline. Ridicolous, but at minimum it they ended up saving it from becoming a full tragedy.If they had been given period to create the video game from nothing, I believe they could have released a great game.Fact:The intended plan of Silent Mountain Homecoming was about Josh and Alessa battling for contol over the town of SH!Once again, Tomm Hulett argued the point that enthusiasts wouldn't take properly to f.master up the mythology,thus therefore Homecoming is usually way much better than what it could possess been.Keep in mind, it was Double Helix, not really Orgasm that developed Homecoming. Tomm Hulett had been only the professional producer.Fact:Tomm Hulett's Orgasm created Shattered Reminiscences.


Polarizing video game as well,but way much better than the two earlier mentioned.Reality:Ben Hulett'h team experienced NOTHING to perform with the HD fiasco.That had been all Konami's carrying out. They outsorced thé remastering to thé minimum bidder.Hi JInx studios whose had only qualifications were Frogger Earnings.That's i9000 insane! Originally posted simply by:Wow, individuals desire to blame Tomm Hulett for the drop of the beloved Silent Slope series,when in fact stuff would possess been considerably worse without him.Truth:Silent Slope 0rigins had been initially outsorced to the united states branch of Climax,who was fixed on making 0rigins a darkish comedy motivated by Scrubs!

(not really kidding)Tomm Hulett contended that SH had a buiIt-in fanbase thát would proceed apesh.t if that actually happened.So, the british branch of Orgasm (Tomm Hulett't) had been provided 0rigins, which got ended up a great while in preproduction,with the same deadline. Ridicolous, but at minimum it they rescued it from becoming a full devastation.If they experienced been provided period to create the game from nothing, I think they could have got launched a good game.Fact:The meant storyline of Silent Mountain Homecoming had been about Josh and Alessa battling for contol over the city of SH!Again, Tomm Hulett contended the stage that fans wouldn't get properly to y.california king up the mythology,so therefore Homecoming can be way much better than what it could possess been.Keep in mind, it has been Double Helix, not Climax that developed Homecoming. Tomm Hulett has been only the professional producer.Fact:Tomm Hulett's Climax created Shattered Thoughts. Polarizing game as very well,but way better than the two earlier mentioned.Truth:Ben Hulett's team experienced NOTHING to perform with the HD disaster.That had been all Konami's i9000 performing. They outsorced thé remastering to thé most affordable bidder.Hi JInx galleries whose got only qualifications were Frogger Profits.That't insane!

Shattered Memories

The hit classic Silent Mountain for the unique PlayStation offers never got a proper remake, simply some shitty hurry job that was known as Silent Slope shattered recollections and not really also that remained real to the unique version.Probably because Shattered Reminiscences wasn't á remake, but án after tale of the very first sport. The tip will be in the title.It't furthermore the best western-made Silent Mountain video game to date exactly because it values the resource materials and knows what can make it mark.And no, the greatest you can wish for from Konami is certainly this. This is certainly certainly one of the games that I think is usually in the many need of a remake. I'm hoping that the remake of Resident Bad 2 will really well which will then inspire Konami to remake Silent Slope.By the way, whatever occurred to the Resident Bad 2 remake? I haven't heard anything abóut it in á actually long time.I was about to state 'have got you become living under a stone?' Then realized this can be a 9-month posting that offers been knocked. Sigh.Anyway, to your past self, RE2Ur is arriving and it looks amazing!

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