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This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points This is a simple reskin of the Imperial Heavy Repeater, based on its recent appearance in Star Wars Battlefront. I've also changed its primary fire to shoot normal blaster bolts, and gave it a new sound similar to the Battlefront version. Oct 01, 2009  Mac - Star Wars: Movie Duels 2 is a single player Jedi Academy: Total Conversion. In this mod you will relive the most famous duels from star wars episode 1, 2, 3 and the era Rise Of The Empire. Choose the light side of the Jedi or the Dark side of the Sith and relive the increible fights from the movies. There are no files directly in this category. Files listed below are from this category's subcategories, or you can click on a subcategory in the menu to narrow your results.

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To anyone new with Celebrity Wars: Jedi Academy, this 2003 sport created by Raven, Vicarious Thoughts, and Lucasarts has been the final installation of their Dark Forces business. Most popular for mixing up shooter components with lightsaber technicians that were both intuitive and sophisticated, it had been this happy oneness of compromise d' reduce and Frames per second that produced the game so successful.For those óf you who are usually acquainted with the video game, you most likely understand that the campaign is certainly three functions of non-linear tasks separated and punctuatéd by story-drivén multi-part quests that had been a little more plot heavy. Upgradable force powers served as the RPG component while the participant personality (Jaden) furthermore gradually progresses to learn various lightsaber styles, including the choice to dual-wield or use the well-known doublesaber like Darth Maul. First playthrough of this game is usually a fantasy: It'h obtained the interesting combat, the logical level style, the tried and correct Celebrity Wars mythos, and actually multiple endings for lighting side and darkish side. Despite all that, generally there's one contemporary aspect where this video game falls short, and it's an essential one:Replayability.We're also not stating the video game is brief, with the typical work through the major story typically using around nine hrs on regular. We're stating that once you've finished that story, there's not really very much to do various other than play the same quests over again.

Star Wars Jedi Academy Mods Zip

This sport came out before the time of ‘Campaign As well as' or other such modes that raise the difficulty but enable for a second playthrough with your endgame character and stats (something we think would possess become a great inclusion to this game).But we discovered a method to perform the following best factor: Personal computer edition of this video game offers a drop-dówn for console instructions if you press ‘ Shift + ‘ during the game. Here's where the enjoyment stuff starts.

Now for those of you directed fingers and áccusing us of chéating, remember that we played this video game numerous periods before using any of the forthcoming commands, and we'd highly motivate you to do the same. Remember, this is definitely a method to add more hours of replayability to the sport, not to cheapen your experience with what we think can be a fantastic experience!Once you've opened the drop-dówn for console commands, the very first thing you'll need to perform is kind ‘helpusobi 1' (haha) to allow the video game to sign up requirements.

Star Wars Jedi Academy Mods Download

From that stage you can get into any of the sticking with to achieve these outcomes: Jedi Dark night®: Jedi Academy 1. Addsaberstyle fast OR addsaberstyle strong -This will enable for you to add the extra lightsaber types that are usually only unlocked later in the video game. Being capable to switch between the given designs from block one can make the expertise far more tactical without really altering the problems of the game. Sabercolor 1 ‘color' -While this can be simply an visual difference, it indicates you can modify lightsaber colors whenever you sense like a shift of pace. This contains the normally forbidden reddish colored lightsaber, which makes your nasty playthrough exponentially more immersive. It may appear like a small modification, but when you're eager to freshen up your 8th or eighteenth run through the marketing campaign, size issues not. Setforceall 3 -This code will provide you all the Push forces at their highest degree.

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By the period you've beaten this video game as many situations as we possess, it'beds sometimes even more annoying than enjoyment to have to perform the earlier ranges without your complete toolbox of drive forces. While getting to choose and select carefully provides a deeper level of proper selection, the gameplay from level to level is very much more fun when you can Drive choke or heal without getting to spend degree after degree building up tó it.

Plus, yóu get to do all the nice little acrobatics ánd flourishes, and thát things will be cinematic no matter what level you're also in! Jedi Dark night®: Jedi Academy 4. Saber 1 saber 1 -Enables you to make use of dual lightsabers like the participant character can perform late sport. Generally, this is certainly only limited to the third work, but we think that's a shame given the rock-paper-scissors design of fight that is dependent so highly on what type of saber design you choose. Also once you've made that choice you are secured in, which indicates that while a individual saber might end up being better in one level, you might wish you'd chosen double sabers later on in. You can furthermore modify the shades of the cutting blades by making use of the ‘sabercolor' code over. Saber double1 -Identical to the over code, this enables for the participant to make use of a doule-ended lightsaber instantly (and you can change its colors, as well).

All the same justifications for dual sabers use here, with the added bonus that you also open the option to stop with this. Considering how many issues and catwalks now there are earlier in the sport, getting a double-ended lightsaber earlier on may significantly alter the method you approach each experience.And you can find numerous if you're looking to include still more. All these requirements still aren't more than enough for you, we've obtained one more aide up the sleeve: Star Wars: Shift Duels 2.takes you through the climactic battles of the prequel trilogy mainly because nicely as various battles from the Force Unleashed collection (like Starkiller as a playable character). Therefore if you've actually desired to enjoy as Darth MauI against Qui-Gón on Tatooine ór check your ability against Count number Dooku or Common Grievous, this mod makes it all happén and it uses lines directly from the movies. Do we point out it's i9000 furthermore 100% free of charge to download? Regardless of whether you including the tale strategy of Jedi Académy, the lightsaber combat of this sport makes enjoying these popular scenes incredibly enjoyment for any Superstar Wars lover.

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You put on't very own this sport, for only $3.99. Obtain it while the Steam summer selling is still going strong! May the Drive be with you!