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Download Stainless Steel 6.0 (Part 1/2) More Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms Mods. Stainless Steel version 6.0 by King Kong. See File/Full Details for all the features for those of you who do not know of this mod, as this is massive and popular. Note that this is split into two parts. I've recently started playing Medieval 2 again after 4 years or so and remember playing it with Stainless Steel 6.3 and I'd like to use it again as I found it a vast improvement over vanilla M2TW. Problem is is that I can't find a working download or torrent for 6.3 or 6.4. Was just wondering if anyone still knows of a good torrent or download.

Welcome to!A subreddit for all of those who adore the Overall War series. So this weekend break I made a decision to set up the on LemurLord'h. I played for about 12 hrs in total and believed I'd allow you men know my thoughts so far. The only mod I've played for M2:TW some other than this one is usually DarthMod, therefore you may find me comparing the two here.First away from allow's talk installation. Before you get began this mod requires the Kingdoms growth. The installer is fantastic and fairly simple to follow.

You require to initial and after that install the. The set up is quite easy if you aren't like me and understand ahead of period that you possess to install 6.3 initial.At the finish of install you'll end up being asked a few questions about features you would like to install. For guide I select Late Era, didn't activate any of the “hyper-realism” features, and opted the balanced AI. If you choose a even more aggressive/war hungry AI you can do that, there is usually furthermore an option for a pacifist AI.

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I've often discovered that the AI in vanilla breaks or cracks alliances too quickly, but I furthermore didn't desire to possess to become the “bad guy” and constantly the aggressor so believed the inbetween option would become best.When I very first booted up the mod I was impressed with the little displays and upon selecting the Great Campaign perfectly surprised by the extended campaign map and factions. The Empire of Jerusalem and Knights Templar possess been merged into a faction called the Crusader State governments and the map now expands much further to the east, properly into existing time Iran just past the eastern advantage of the Caspian Sea, and all the way to the far eastern edge of the Persian Gulf of mexico further south.

The obtainable empires have got long been renamed and split to their even more historic/reasonable counterparts - France is today split to the Empire of Castille and the Empire of Aragon. Norway and Denmark vie for handle of northern European countries with the Empire of Novgorod and Kiev etc. The start day for the late campaign has been 1200 with a 400 convert control. I determined to consider it a little bit simple and choose the new Norman Kingdom of Sicily and I was off to the competitions - needed to catch Byzantium and Jerusalem and eliminate the Aragonians and Byzantines.(caveat: I haven't read the plot/mod records in depth)Once I obtained into the game I found that (despite turns nevertheless taking forever to total, actually with a blasting fast brand-new rig) the sport went significantly faster than I had been utilized to which had been a good factor. I should note that recently I've discovered that I obtain annoyed by the AI't glitchiness in the RTS battles so I've started auto-resolving a lot more and simply working with the additional loses it can incur. The songs and audio is significantly improved and the chart certainly looks better.

Metropolitan areas like Venice and Byzantium have individual distinct appearance to them and your systems tend to have more fascinating items to “point out”.The personalized faction-specific devices look great and give a good feel to recruitment, yet they aren't as well jumbled like I found they could become if you've utilized DarthMod. With the AI I selected my alliances really remained in tact for incredibly long periods of period and needed a great deal of finagling to trigger your allies into bursting them, which to me was very encouraged. This doesn'capital t indicate that you won't erode your alliances by performing factors against their interests, but rather that they stay around very long enough for you to plot stuff up which seemed more realistic to me than the typical fickle AI habits of vanilla or Darth.Units like as retailers, spies, princesses, assassins and priests tend to gain abilities quicker which is certainly something common in many of the mods out presently there - these devices were just too poor versus AI units in vanilla imo. The additional nice touch I observed had been the up to date historical press releases at the finish of changes - having the additional texture and contexts of things that occurred historically as you are playing is always great.Despite my tries to avoid them, some of the RTS fights are simply too important to disregard.

Not a opportunity I had been going to allow the dangerous Portuguese get Corsica without a serious battle. I had read complaints prior to setting up that the unit movement was unrealistically quick, and I'chemical have got to agree. The factor is certainly - I thought it has been great! I normally proceed for realism mods and I'meters wondering right now if I've been proceeding in the incorrect path all this time. The enhanced movement rate produced the battles much even more interesting and it has been refreshing to complete a giant battle in much less than 45 mins. Having units actually get into position quickly was fine and having the capability to get models on and off wall space was a crunch.

This isn'capital t to say that the combat AI was that very much much better. I continued to have difficulties with pathing on and off walls and proper defensive positions. As in all the Overall War video games though I've just arrive to conditions with the reality that there are usually problems with the AI and I move with it. Units looked great, textures had been improved, I experienced a helluva time!To end my lengthy winded mini-review - capturing Byzantium has been fantastically rewarding and I'm about to move on the Fatimid Caliphate and reclaim the Holy Property in name of the Pope. My hold on the former Moorish areas is usually tenuous with the Colonial and Aragonians pressuring my western flank and I can't wait to obtain house and try out and finish it upward!TLDNR: Stainless Metal for Michael2:TW can be fantasic.

Drive partition missing windows 8. A massive improvement over vanilla and DarthMod. It introduced me back again to a classic sport and made it 10x mainly because much fun. It's i9000 even made me think I can avoid pre-ordering Shogun now because there is usually obviously a lot of existence remaining in this gameedit: will be presently there any way to add indents and even more than a double-space between paragraphs? Sheesh, wall of text message.

You just have got to create sure to focus on the steam listing where medieval2 can be set up. It will when include a 'stainless steel' option to the pulldown in the Overall Battle launcher when you run it.also don't make the mistake i do and simply install 6.4. You have got to install 6.3 first, and then plot up to 6.4 Quite easy to perform, I'm simply impatient and often rate read instructions:)edit: furthermore you have got to run Kingdoms at least once before you run the stainless steel mod or it won't begin properly.

I presume that is usually because it wants to create the config/save file directories etc.So set up M2:TW - Install Kingdoms - Operate M2:TW - Get away - Operate Kingdoms - Exit - Install SS 6.3 - Install SS 6.4 Area - Run SS. You'll be good to proceed from that stage forward.

Perform you understand if this version of the mod offers hotseat? The hotseat in Kingdoms is certainly in some mods for Medieval:2, but there are some defects with it. When you enjoy together, the sport pauses the switch period when an enemy attacks you and allows you fight the fight.

Nevertheless, the Kingdoms hotseat doesn'capital t, and simply auto-resolves all fight not really during a convert. There had been a mod for Medieval: 2 that used a hotseat mode that permitted whomever had been bombarded to in fact combat the fights. Do you understand of any mods that function like that?.

NameStainless Metal 6.3TorrentInfo Hashb6afea95b0b0df7d8ca202339dcc53Description'Take note FOR NEW Customers TO TORRENTS:If you have got troubles with actually slow torrent rates of speed you might possess to established up port forwarding. How this is definitely done will be reliant on your routér and what customer you make use of, here's the uTorrént guide:RELEASE INF0:(previous variations not required)The new version of Stainless Steel for the Medieval II Overall Battle - Kingdoms development has become launched.

Developed over the past 2 decades by Gracul, 6.3 provides added 100s of enhancements to SS. These include completely reworked ground for the marketing campaign map, several new devices, new marketing campaign and fight AI and a much more detailed campaign screenplay. Hundreds of little pests in earlier versions possess long been mercilessly tracked lower and eliminated.Apart from game mechanics, there are many brand-new aesthetic changes like as fresh faction signs, new sky, lawn and drinking water textures, fresh strat chart settlement versions and new music mainly because well. The external launcher enables for easy incorporation of several included submods to accommodate for individual preferences in gameplay.

Numerous thanks a lot to all thé modders who permitted their function to end up being included.Visitfor even more info and FAQ andfor known pests and maintenance tasks.' CategoryGamesRatingN/ASize2.40 GB.